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How It Started


       I've always had a tendency towards the dark side of things, even as a child. I believe my artistic nature allowed me to appreciate the creativity and imagination behind every horror film or creepy figurine.

      Film is where my fascination began and I attended acting classes regularily over the years. It finally paid off when I landed a small role in a 2015 DreamWorks production. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived as I broke my ankle three weeks before the filming date and was physically unable to perform the requirements of my role. 

      To distract myself from the disappointment and boredom that was now starting to take over my life, I began working on my Halloween costume. A few years earlier I started creating my own Halloween costumes, as I was never satisfied with the selection of terrifying options sold in stores. This year in particular, I had my heart set on a creepy scarecrow. While doing some research online, I came across a burlap ensemble and attempted my own spin on it.

       As the costume progressed, I was really happy with the results and shared pictures with my family and friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to make another mask. A completely different idea, but with the same materials. This mask also received great feedback, so I continued making mask after mask. 

     Within a few weeks, a local radio station contacted me and asked to use a couple of my creations for a scare prank on their radio show.

     The exposure from the radio stations and the Facebook page my wife and I created, made me realise there was a niche market for these unique and terrifying pieces.

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